Her Ghost

It is challenging for a teenager to battle with the demons in their closet as mean and powerful as the tortured soul of a friend. I was always so very scared that I would see her appear in front of me, mad that I didn’t follow her. It’s bizarre that someone in life can be a friend but in death be a stranger sent to frighten us while we are alone. How can someone who in life made me laugh, in death, make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up tall. Now in death she causes shivers all over my body when I think of her, while in life she made me smile with just with the sound of her laughter. It is a confusing friendship, a strained relationship, full of ups and downs but now in her death I can only have lows because the highs are too clouded by her suicide, too tainted with grief and pain, far too bruised by the endless beatings of guilt.   –  lise13


2 thoughts on “Her Ghost”

  1. Beautiful

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