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A lions den

Not safe not warm 

Nowhere to run

To fight 

To crawl

I close my eyes 

I hide in darkness

My dreams are still free

Are mine are honest

My home is gone 

Is shattered….so broken

The game is control

The moulded mouse is me 

Just plastic on string

Or is this all me….

The dice is rolled

I fumble, no…..

I fold 

This was February 2015 life’s so dark at this time, it’s taken me until now to be able to post and talk about it. Writing this makes me feel like I am talking about it at least. 

I will tell my story, it’s a twist, it’s no fairytale that’s for sure. A girl did meet a boy but he was no knight, he was no hero. He was master and commander, she was a slave. Beaten and bruised, trapped and tortured but she wasn’t broken, I was not broken!