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If I work out does that make me strong
If I give in does that make me weak
If I close my eyes and see you is that love
Are you the image I have created

Do you ever get lost in your mind
I get lost in my minds creation of you
I feel breathless as I think of you
I feel lost when I don’t hear from you
Is greener grass possible
Is change greener, lusher, brighter
Or is my grass just burnt
If I add water
Will that make everything okay

Can I close my eyes and take it back
Can my heart ever love again
Can I ever be happy
Can I ever feel
Because now I am nothing
I am numb
July 2012

Marriage was crumbling, life was slipping away from me. Change was needed….but would it really make me happy, would change bring me what I needed…..I had no idea but I had to try. Life the way it was wasn’t working, I had doubts, I had regrets, I had depression and I had to get out, so I had to make changes…..scary full on life changes……would the grass be greener on the other side….I had to believe it would be, I had to try!