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What is a gentle breeze
What are the sparkles
that glisten in the sun
Why do shadows follow me
Why do they take centre stage
How do I find peace
Is my heart broken
has a piece been taken
Can it be replaced
Where does pain go
Can it go
Where can I find love
Do I deserve love…

March 2012

With my husband away I found myself a little lost and lonely. I found myself escaping to my writing more and more. I was also reading, I started reading that silly Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and it was an escape, I was alone so it gave me a little thrill and I started hoping that I could be so lucky, to live a life more seductive, more thrilling, more passionate than I was. I started to wish for a different life. I was being a full time Mum and I loved that but in the moments when the children were safely tucked up in their beds, I dreamed of more. More is the best way to describe it, I just wanted more for my life. More freedom, more fun, more to look forward to, more to live for.