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I had a thought

although it’s in the wrong time

of the girl’s who lost her

who left her behind

Do they know words cut deep

and linger longer than wounds

Do they know or remember who they were

Do they feel anything

Do they think of their actions

Did they grow a conscience

Or do they just keep doing it to others

Have they caused more pain

Do they know they are now nothing

And that I am now free.


Okay so not everything I write is a ‘poem’ often I just write what comes to me, what bothers me or excites me at that moment, it doesn’t always flow like a true poem, sorry. Today I was picking up my five-year old daughter from school and as I sat by the sandpit outside her class I got lost in my thoughts. The laughter of the toddler’s waiting for their siblings to come out, they played with children they hadn’t met, they didn’t even know each others names but they didn’t care they played, they ran, they threw sand and they made awesome truck noises. It was nice I couldn’t help but smile as I thought back to my childhood when life was easy, fun and everything you did was a new adventure. However as happy as I was being lost in my thoughts and memories it all came to an abrupt end as quickly as it took to change from a smile to a frown.

Mother’s, in particular the snooty, popular, hold their nose in the air kind of mother’s all chatting amongst themselves. I caught one mother’s eye and she give me the eye scan and I’m pretty sure she disapproved of me wearing my hoodie and trainers to school, sometimes I just can’t be arsed straightening my hair and dressing up just to pick up my daughter from school. I suddenly had a flash back to school and I honestly think people who are unaware of the pain and hurt they cause in high school don’t change in fact maybe they get a little worse and I couldn’t help but think do they ever click to how horrible they have been whether it was as a teenager or an adult. Don’t get me wrong we all have an inner bitch but some of us know what the difference between bitchy and just plain nasty is. But wow I have ranted, sorry but I think you can now understand what was going on in my world today.